Friday, September 24, 2010

The Ancient Religions of Eebe Waaq ( Dhaqankii Eebe-Waaq)

The Old Religion
Religion in arabic is call (Diin) and in old somali is call ( Dhaqan)
The Somali people  in pre-islamic times practiced a complex  Monotheistic religion with a set of Deities superseded by a single all powerful figure called Eebe (God also known as Waaq). The  Equillibrium of the Universe in Somali  Mythology was tied with the Love (Gacal ) and between the beloved (Gacalo).or the sky Bull and the Cow
 The Universe was said to balance itself on the horns of a The Love and the Beloved or Waaq and Eebe so the Bull and the cow of the sky  a beast forever staring at the cow tied to a pole in front of him. Whenever his love turned her eyes away from the Bull, it would result in a physical shift that caused natural disasters on Earth  Religious temples were called (Xeero) dating from antiquity known as Taalo were the centers where important ceremonies were held led by a (Wadaad) the priest .

Major Deities

Eebe Eebe is the Somali word for God and was synonymously used for the ancient Cushitic Sky God Waaq. According to Somali Legend Eebe lived in the Heavens  and whenever the Somalis successfully prayed for rain it was known as Bar-waaqo (God's rain)
Ayaanle The Ayaanle in Ancient Somalia were known as the good spirits or Angels  and acted as mediators between God Eebe ) and Humans. They were said to be bringers of luck and  Blessings from Eebe in somali what they call today is Ayaanlayaal
Huur Huur  or Xuur was the messenger of Death and had the form of a large bird. The deity was akin to Waaq of  and played a similar role in the ancient Somali society.
Nidar Nidar was the righter of wrong. He was considered the champion of those that were exploited by their fellow humans. The deity has survived in modern Somalia as a popular saying; Nidar Ba Ku Heli ("Nidar will find and Punish you")

Ancient Tomps and temples

Many  Regions of Ancient somalia had cities or specific areas whose names corroborate the stories told in Somali old Religion and the  mythology. Places such as Abud waq, Ceel waq , Digil waq and so on another similar towns with the name Waq in it indicate a relation to the old religion practiced in the Somali peninsula  . The Tomb of Arraweello (Taalo araweelo) is another popular mythological place in Somalia said to be the final resting place of Queen Arraweello. In modern times it's considered an important place for women.
Ancient Mythology

Habbad ina Kamas

Habbad ina Kamas was a legendary cruel giant who ruled half of Ancient Somalia. His oppressive rule was the complete opposite to the kindness and care that was bestowed upon the other half of the land ruled by the giant Biriir ina Barqo. He was defeated and killed in battle by Biriir when he found out about the abuse and neglect through the mouths of his human subjects.
Biriir ina Barqo Biriir ina Barqo was a legendary heroic Giant in Ancient Somalia known for his just rule and kindness. He lived in a cave called Shimbiraale(the cave of birds) and used to wear a heavy ring that no man could lift. He answered the pleas of those suffering under the rule of the giant called Habbad and defeated him in battle. He then united the two lands and ushered in a long period of peace.
Qori ismaris Qori ismaris was a man who could transform himself into a Hyenaman by rubbing himself with a magic stick at nightfall and by repeating this process could return to his human state before dawn.
Dhegdheer Dhegdheer was a female cannibalistic demon who hunted in Somali forests, her victims were usually wandering or lost


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  2. Hello, I find this REALLY fascinating and interestinf, I myself, am a Somali who was born in Europe, im trying to get a grasp of my roots and culture. Going back in time as far as I can.. knowledge of self, right? So please dont ever delete this.. not until ive printed this, that is :D

  3. Such A shame we know very little of our ancient history. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Such A shame we know very little of our ancient history. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Good read I'd love to know more, however it's a sad shame that there are not enough artifacts to give us more information about our pre-islamic era.

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